Residential Home Inspection

The Certified Home LLC utilizes the latest technology, coupled with 25 years of home renovation experience, to conduct a thorough analysis of all major components of each property and structure I inspect.  I work with each buyer based on their individual requests and preferences, and I understand that every inspection is unique and requires flexibility.  I offer on-site discussions before, during and/or after each inspection, and I welcome each homeowner to join me during the inspection process or wait for a summary of my findings after the work is completed.  After the inspection is complete, you will receive a detailed report, with pictures highlighting specific issues, and descriptions of everything discussed.  I will also make suggestions for improvements and offer recommendations for future home maintenance. 

As a home renovation expert, I can offer suggestions to help transform houses into homes.  I am always researching products and ideas that may improve a home or life within it, and I am happy to pass along my knowledge while on-site.  Fully understanding how a home should function, in every aspect and with every system, is what makes me a passionate inspector, and passing along my overall knowledge to each buyer is my pleasure.

       Brad Lareau, Owner & Inspector, The Certified Home, LLC.    EMAIL: